Tortola, British Virgin Islands

About Tortola is an article which gives insight into one of the islands which makes up the British Virgin Islands. Tortola is the largest island in a chain of islands known as the British Virgin Islands. This island, with towering hills and valleys is 13.5 miles long and 3 miles wide. As the name denotes the British Virgin Islands are British Overseas Territories and as such their political and legal system is based on English law. Although the British were not the first European nation to establish permanent settlements on the island, Tortola has remained predominantly British incorporating British culture into their lifestyle.

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Tortola is the most populated of the Virgin Islands. This extraordinary island, volcanic in nature, is home to some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean, making this Caribbean island a true tropical escape. The islands British influence can be seen in and about Tortola. The unique colonial style architecture that the residents, along with a cooperative government have preserved, dress, religion and cuisine. The most obvious British influence in is language; English is the official language of the country spoken however with a West Indian twist can be heard about Tortola.

White sandy beaches adorn this island, decorating Tortola’s coastline with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Tortola is protected by anchorage in areas such as Cane Garden Bay, Brandy Wine Bay, Trellis Bay and Hodge’s Creek Marina Cay. These powder white beaches which can be found around and about Tortola are a perfect means of recreation, relations, rejuvenation of your mind and sprit, picnicking, fishing, sunbathing and a number of water sports such as sailing, and snorkeling.

In and about Tortola visitors are accommodated in world class resorts, inns, guesthouses, small hotels and luxurious villas. Competent staff and a friendly service make your stay on this island a true relaxing experience. There are no direct flights to this island from the USA, Canada, Europe or South America but visitors encounter no trouble when traveling to Tortola. All visitors require a valid passport and connecting flights fly to the neighboring island of Beef Island where the airport is located. This may seem troublesome but Beef Island is connected to Tortola by the short Queen Elizabeth Bridge as the islands are in such close proximity.

The British Virgin Islands has many attractions to suit all types of visitors, day and night. There are a number of ways to tour this island, via taxi service, rental cars, inter-island aviation or by bicycle or scooter. Although Tortola is the largest island in the British Virgin Islands it is small enough that one is able to get about Tortola. Chartered catamaran services are available for tourists who wish to tour the British Virgin Islands from a wetter area. Visitors who are adventure seekers have the opportunity to purchase a ticket aboard Tortola’s high speed Catamaran service operating from Road Town, Tortola. This efficient ferry service takes you to the heart of the neighboring British Virgin Islands and US Virgin Islands. Tortola is also a sailing hot spot and so visitors can also opt to sail around the British Virgin Islands sampling bits and pieces of each island. One day is insufficient to explore the BVI as sixty islands make up the British Virgin Islands.

Tortola has excellent telecommunication systems, friendly people that welcome its visitors with open hands, efficient hotel staff and powder white beaches that take your breath away. This island is truly a slice of paradise.