Tortola Attractions

Pirate legend, shipwrecks, sugar plantations are a constant reminder of a rich historical background of the island of Tortola. Tortola is the largest of the chain of islands in the British Virgin Islands (called Las Virgines by the Spanish Conquerors). The British Virgin Islands range in size from the largest island, Tortola which is just about 20 miles square to small uninhabited specks of islands.

Despite the small size, Tortola attractions are many; from its powder white beaches almost pristine, to its sailing and yachting tours. A Tortola vacation is the perfect vacation spot for the active individual looking for an opportunity to get away from hustle and bustle of everyday life, and rest in a quiet place among friendly people.

The island of Tortola is a British Dependency, Britain’s occupation of the island in the early 17th century and late 18th century created an economy based solely on sugar plantains, fueled by slave labor. The Tortola attractions are fascinating and visitors have the opportunity to sample some of the island’s culture and history through relics of the island’s colonial occupation. Tortola is bursting with remarkable cultural relics. The relics in Tortola are from the island’s Dutch and British Colonialism, the most fascinating of which is Mount Healthy National Park. This oddly named park was once a thriving sugar plantation. Mount Healthy National Park also has the only windmill remaining in the British Virgin Islands; this windmill dates back to the 1600’s.

Visitors who choose Tortola as their vacation destination are not seeking a highly priced, activity packed vacation but a chance for simple relaxation in the Caribbean. Tortola attractions, natural beauty, white sandy beaches, sparkling blue waters and the warmth of the sunshine gives visitors an opportunity to rejuvenate themselves away from the everyday lives and jobs. The British Virgin Islands is a popular tourist destination for chartered yachts and sailing. Sailing has been a part of Tortola’s culture for many years and this sector is thriving giving vacationers the opportunity to sample the BVI from a wetter vantage point. Tortola yacht filled marinas and bays are a testament to this thriving business in Tortola. Underwater caves, beautiful coral reefs, and underwater treasures make the island one of the most popular and enjoyable diving and boating areas.

The beauty of this island does not stop at its pristine powder white beaches, other Tortola attractions or historical sites but one cannot visit this island without being inspired by the island’s natural beauty. Sage Mountain National Park is filled with natural wonders. This is a perfect place for visitors who are adventure lovers. Visitors experience how simply magnificent and untouchable this island truly is. Also, in the heart of Tortola, in the country’s capital is 4 ½ acres of pure garden. The J.R O’Neil Botanical Garden is a highly recommended Tortola tourist attraction, where visitors can see well cultivated exotic plants and animals.

Visitors to this pristine island have the opportunity to sample not just Tortola but bits and pieces of the other Islands that make up the chain of islands called the BVI via a high speed catamaran service. Visitors only need a valid passport and they are able to go to the heart of St. Thomas one of the three islands that make up the US Virgin Islands.

No matter what option visitors choose for enjoyment on this beautiful island in the British Virgin Islands, they are assured fun filled Tortola vacation days.