Tortola Vacations

A Tortola vacation provides all kinds of fun and excitement as there is something for everyone on the island. The British Virgin Islands astounding natural beauty is not focused only on the mainland but underwater where beautiful, colorful coral reefs adorn the ocean floors. Tortola is considered to be one of top dive and boating sites in the Caribbean. Tortola is almost surrounded by the other islands of the British Virgin Islands somewhat in an oval shape. Residents as well as visitors can get a breath taking view of the surrounding islands and cays.

When planning a Tortola vacation it is important to remember that there are no direct flights to Tortola but connecting flight fly to neighboring Island of Beef Island where the airport is located. This may sound as a deterrent for traveling to Tortola; however Beef Island is in such close proximity to Tortola that the short Queen Elizabeth Bridge connects the two islands. Tortola has some of the most warm hearted people, efficient workforce and a Local Government devoted to preserving the quaint, simple style of the island’s architecture. Development in Tortola is closely monitored being sure not to disturb the islands’ natural environment.

Visitors to the island should not expect a Tortola vacation filled with loud music, frivolous shopping and high rise buildings but a simpler Caribbean vacation. Tortola is an ideal location for the visitor, who wishes to relax, let the sun kiss their skin at every step and sample some of the best Caribbean Cuisine, local to Tortola as the island has few fast food restaurants, and sleep in some of the most luxurious hotels and villas.

In addition to beautiful beaches and fine dining a Tortola vacation is made complete with a wide range of accommodations to suit its visitor’s individual needs. Accommodations range from villas, guesthouses, hotels, inns, resorts, cottages and even campground sites for the outdoor lovers. There are accommodations to suit each individual need and pocket. Tortola also offers its visitors Health and wellness facilities to rejuvenate their mind and spirit. Nicknamed ‘Natures Little Secret, these wellness centers use holistic and proactive measures to relax the mind and body, fostering good health and longevity. The Health and Wellness centers offer a wide range of services such as: cosmetic care, spas, health retreats, traditional healing practices, healthy lifestyle program and vegetarian and organic foods.

No vacation is perfect without sampling some of the country’s cuisine. Tortola has many restaurants to suit any appetite, mood or budget. No Tortola vacation is complete without sampling the Tortola’s local meals. If you are looking for fast food restaurants like Kentucky Fried Chicken or MacDonald’s then you are out of luck, Tortola has no fast food restaurants. Most of the restaurants on island are locally owned businesses. Since variety is the spice of life, fine dining makes a night out luxurious in Tortola. Culinary creations in Tortola are a direct influence from the island rich historical background. These rich West Indian dishes are a reflection of the islands British and African heritage.

The cuisine in Tortola however is not only limited to fine West Indian cooking but visitors can taste some of the best Italian, French, Chinese, Jamaican and even German cuisines. Visitors also have the added advantage of cool, fresh breeze from the Caribbean Sea and breathtaking scenery.

Tortola vacation is quite different from what you may have experienced in other parts of the world. Tortola is a premier tourist destination offering visitors world class accommodations and fine cuisine. This beautiful island offers exactly what a true Caribbean vacation is all about; sun, sea and sand.