What to do when on vacation in Tortola and the BVI.

‘Natures Little Secrets’, this has been the nickname of the British Virgin Islands for many years mainly because the islands are almost pristine, true wonders of nature. The British Virgin Islands is located to the east of the Spanish island of Puerto Rico. The islands are a part of the Virgin Islands archipelago which also includes the US Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands got its name from Columbus on his second voyage to the new world, where he named the islands he discovered after St Ursula and her 11,000 virgin attendants. ‘Las Virgines’ as Columbus called the islands, are a unique set of islands ranging from large islands to uninhabited specks. The British Virgin Islands though are British Overseas Territories and as such their legal system is based on English common law and the monarch is the head of state.

The British Virgin Islands consists of the main islands of Virgin Gorda, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke and over fifty other cays and islands. There almost something to do everyday on the islands ranging from quiet leisure activities such as sea bathing and picnicking to high sea adventures of sailing and touring the islands. Tortola is the largest island in this chain of islands, nearly 20 km long and 3miles wide. Tortola is also the capital of the British Virgin Islands with its main town Road Town.

For centuries the British Virgin islands have had a history of boating and sailing, the islands were extremely attractive to pirates and buccaneers in the 16th century who used the islands as a passage to the new world as well as a location to loot unsuspecting ships. The British Virgin Islands are infamous for its sailing, visitors whether experienced or not are given the opportunity to be captain of their own sail boats or charter a yacht. There are power boats available for the adventure lovers who want to go island hoping, exploring each island as they go along, this is not possible in one day but few travelers’ ca n say they visited over 30 islands in one day. The visitors who would much rather take a relaxed approach to his vacation can entrust his expedition to a captain. On a day sail visitors are able to uncover superb snorkeling spits and remote beaches.

Although the British Virgin Islands, specifically Tortola, is best known for its sailing the island has a the most stunning underwater world. Tortola’s underwater environment creates a remarkable playground for divers and snorkelers. Visitors can discover countless reef systems, towering coral pinnacles, hundreds of shipwrecks, thriving coral gardens underwater caves and lava tunnels. Each dive or snorkel into the crystal blue waters of Tortola is catered for each individual or family. Cruise ship guest can even get in on the action and as their ship docks they can have a choice of, snorkeling, scuba diving and island hopping. Visitors can also charter a high speed boat and take a memorable dive in the Baths of Virgin Gorda, where they can explore through swimming holes that are nestled between huge boulders.

The British Virgin Island’s activities are not limited to only fun in the sun but individuals can go on a rendezvous; dine in exquisite restaurants, party in some of the most popular clubs in the Caribbean, full moon parties or sample the reggae tunes from the local musicians.

No matter what it is you want to do; relax on some of the island’s white sandy beaches or do like the locals do and sample local cuisine, dance to the local music the British Virgin Islands has all activities to suit individual need.